Magnavox Collection of Paintings

Widespread interest in the Magnavox collection of paintings followed their publication in national magazines. So numerous and enthusiastic were the requests for reproductions from musicians, students and patrons of music that the Magnavox Company made available the original subjects for the series in this portfolio.

Originally intended as a means of stimulating an interest in good music during the grim war days, the two series, “Famous Musicians” and “Dramatic Incidents in the Lives of Immortal Composers,” have now proved both instructive and enjoyable for adults and children… delightful as framed subjects… ideal for reference or study.


Four of these reproductions are from the series of “Famous Musicians” painted by Boris Chaliapin of New York City, gifted son of the late Fedor Chaliapin.

The other six reproductions are from the series of “Incidents in the Lives of Immortal Composers,” five painted by the talented young artist Walter Richards of New Canaan, Connecticut, the other by Harry Anderson, well known Chicago painter and illustrator.


There is a peaceful satisfaction that comes to those who realize that a fine possession is a tribute to their judgment. It is not strange that Magnavox is the radio-phonograph most often found in their homes.

Yet pride of ownership is but one advantage of that possession. In musical reproduction Magnavox has a miracle of tone… naturalness which the artist intended his audience to hear… a quality to delight the most critical ear.

Those who ave heard Magnavox play FM, AM and recordings have noted the clarity and brilliance, the true definition of bass and treble notes. They have heard the actual timbre of the instruments themselves.


The miracle of Magnavox tone and fidelity of reproduction are best understood by those who perpetuate immortal melodies. The choice of great artists… composers, conductors and vocalists, alike… is Magnavox.

For with Magnavox they hear recorded music reproduced exactly as they have played, sung or directed it. Kreisler, Heifetz, Beecham, Horowitz, Pons and Kostelanetz have chose Magnavox radio-phonographs for their own homes.


In one magnificent cabinet… all the wonders of modern radio, combined with expert reproductions of old-world furniture craftsmanship. Authentic period styles and ultra-modern designs, too, are produced in the finest woods and finishes. Magnavox will add charm to any room… will represent an investment in years of musical pleasure for you.