1965 3-Way with Remote

1965 3-Way with Remote


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Astro-Sonic 3-way unit with color TV was part of “Imperial” line. Built in August 1965. High voltage transformer coil (flyback) has a neoprene boot which was introduced in 1964. Prior to this the high-voltage transformer was wax covered, which was the industry standard. The introduction of color, which required increased brightness, led to higher voltage. The older wax covering tended to catch fire.

This unit also used a “pig whistle” for remote control. When the remote control button was depressed, it emitted a puff of air and a whistle sound. A receiver in the set picked up the sound and changed the channels, changed volume, and controlled on/off. A problem with three-way units was the size and number of speakers in the cabinet which given their construct emitted a magnetic field. This interfered with the TV picture. To solve the problem, Magnavox put “nu-metal” (their term) a non-magnetic metal on the back of the speakers. Too much of a magnetic field also caused shadowing on the sides of the picture tube. To eliminate this, two bendable arms with polar opposite magnets on the ends were attached to the neck of the picture tube and bent as needed toward the back of the tube.